The Passion That Fuelled Our Drive

About Us
As a subsidiary of Modicon, we at 3D Tech, understand your need. Our passion comes from understanding the need for creative and innovate thinking beyond everyday routines.
Our story started from a need for a bushing to surround a part. At the time there were no easy solutions. The only choice was to create a tool, make the part, and hope it would work. Creating a mould is expensive and time consuming, but what choices does anyone have if you’re not a large scale company with your own research and development department? We had to do it. We were not satisfied with the process and started looking for a better, more creative way to get the best quality products to our customers in as short of a time as possible in an efficient and cost effective way.
After much research and endless hours of asking others in the industry for their innovative ideas, we decided to do it ourselves and 3D Tech was born. What easier way than to print a sample product, see it, touch it, try it, tweak it as needed, and then build the mould when the part design is exactly what you envisioned. More cost-effective, less time than making your mould only to find out there’s a problem with the part. Worse yet, it doesn’t look or feel the way you expected it.
Printing the part allows you to look, feel, and try out the part before mass producing something that may not work.
We understand your pain, we’ve been through it. Now, we want to bring this service to you, to be your go-to person for idea development, design, and ultimately printing your product for the first time.


Our Vision is to bring high-quality 3D printing within everybody’s reach. We empower you to create designs that enrich your life and to share your sense of beauty with the people around you, by adding unique touches to your environment, by creating a truly personal gift for the ones you love, by taking the opportunity to crystallize ideas you can truly be proud of.


3D TECH believes that people have an inherent need to express themselves, more than ever before. Therefore 3D TECH aims to offer everyone with an eye for design and a head full of ideas the possibility to turn these ideas into 3D reality.

Let Our Passion Ignite Your Vision


As a small or medium sized company or an innovative individual, we understand the challenges of bringing your ideas and innovations to life. Research and Development (R&D) is far from your daily vocabulary. However, to stay competitive and expand your business R&D should be in the forefront of your mind. With all the stress of running a company, who has time to research and develop new ideas or concepts?

There are many obstacles in your way. From concept, to design, to engineering, to prototyping…

3D Tech, is your answer. Give us your conceptual idea and we will work with you from design to the final product. We focus on helping small and mid-sized companies to innovate their ideas through our engineering designs, rapid prototyping, and other services so your customers can get the best quality at the best prices.

While you enjoy your time doing what invigorates your new ideas, we can be your partner to bring it to life.